5 Things To Look For in a REALTOR® When Buying a Home

In a world where it seems like EVERYONE is a Real Estate Agent, how do you go about choosing the best agent to represent you?!? Sure, you want them to know what they are doing, but how do you choose between multiple agents to decide which agent is the best fit for you? Here are 5 unique things to look for when choosing a Real Estate Agent to represent you in a home purchase.

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1) How Available is Your agent?

When deciding between REALTORs®, it is important to note that there are agents who are full time agents (where Real Estate is their one and only job), and part time agents (agents who have another either part time or full time occupation). If you have an agent who is tied up with their other job from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, that gives you limited time to see homes. It is best to find a Real Estate agent who works on YOUR time and not their time.


2) How good of a communicator is your agent?

It is surprising how many agents lack the skill of communication with their clients. Now, us REALTORs® are humans too, and don’t want to be on our phones constantly, but if you feel like an agent is actively ignoring you, or it seems impossible to get ahold of them, get a new agent. As a client, you should feel like a priority in a Real Estate transaction.

3) Does your agent enjoy where they live?

If you are moving to a new area, chances are that you enjoy something about that area. If the agent you are working with negatively talks about the new community you plan on moving to, that may have a negative effect on the purchase of your home. You want an agent to share the same level of excitement you have about an area, and if an agent loves where they live, chances are they have great recommendations for fun things to do outside of your home.

4) You and your agent's "Vibe."

People come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities. When looking for a REALTOR® to represent you, one of the most important things to look for is how you connect with that agent, both on a business and personal level. A lot of questions could come up when purchasing a home, so it is important to have a REALTOR® who will be an advocate for you, and to have someone you can feel comfortable going to with any question you may have.

5) Your Agent's online presence

Are there successful REALTORs® out there who are nowhere to be found online? Maybe. Not only is having an online presence super important in today’s world, but being able to do research on who your agent is is much easier when that agent has a digital footprint. It’s important to research the person who will be representing you, and to check out what other people’s experiences have been when working with them.

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