The 10 Most Important Things To Look For On Your Showing

Your Showing is Confirmed… Now What? 

Here Are 10 Important Things to Look For When Touring a Home

You and your Real Estate Agent have set up a showing on what you think is your dream home. 

The home looks beautiful from the photos, and you are excited to see it in person. You think this is the one! 

You start to feel excited and nervous all at once – this is your first time seeing a home. What if it has issues? What are you even supposed to be looking out for? 

While how the home makes you feel is the most important aspect on your showing, here are 10 important things I as a Real Estate Professional keep in mind when showing homes to my clients.

First Impression

When you first walk into the home, what do you see? How does it make you feel? Are you met with a wall once you walk in, or are you met with a beautiful, grand foyer? 

Where do your eyes immediately go? The first impression upon walking into the home is what guests will first see when they come into your new place.

 The first impression, whether good or bad, will set the table for how the rest of the showing will go, and it will influence your opinion of the overall home. 


Are There Any Odd Smells?

When you first walk in, do you also notice any odd or off putting smells? Make note of any smells throughout the entire showing. 

Do you notice an over use of plug-in scents? These may be there to hide the normal odor. Is there an overbearing smell of pet fur? This is a common smell that gets trapped in carpeting or furniture. 

Can you tell if the previous owners smoked in the home? Smoke smell is sometimes difficult to get out of the home. 

Most basements will have a “basement” smell to them, but is that smell overpowering? The basement could get a lot of humidity, amplifying the musty smell you may be experiencing. 



Look at the Floors Walls and ceilings

Take a look at the floors. Are the hardwood floors going to need to be refinished? Are there stains or rips in the carpet? Is the bathroom tile flooring cracked? 

Now take a look at the walls. Are there any major holes in the walls? Are there any stains on the walls? Do you like the paint color?

 Now look at the ceiling. Is the ceiling a good enough height? Are there any unusual cracks? Drywall over time will have separation cracks, but do any of the cracks look like they may have been caused from water damage?


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One of the big ticket items in a home are the windows. Do the windows look new or old? Are the windows vinyl or wooden? Are the windows foggy? This could be evidence of a broken window seal. Does any of the glass have cracks in it? Are any of the frames worn out or rotten? 


If the appliances are staying with the home, make sure you take a look at them. Do they look newer or are they close to the end of their life? Do you have a good or bad opinion of the brand of the appliance? Do they match the aesthetic? 

I don’t test the appliances on our showing due to liability reasons, but feel free to open and close the appliances. Is the refrigerator cold inside? Is there a garbage disposal under the sink? 

The General spaces

Don’t lose sight of the most important aspect when viewing a home – how does the general space and flow of the home make you feel? 

Will the spaces accommodate that new couch you just bought? Will you feel crowded if you have guests over? 

Is the home kid/pet friendly? Are the stairs really steep or narrow? How will moving furniture in and out of the home be? Can you picture yourself living here?


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The “mechanicals” are a blanket term for the water heater, furnace, and A/C unit. These items can be expensive if they need to be replaced soon. 

Take a look at the age of these mechanicals if they are on the units. Are the units old or newer? Is there evidence of rust on these units? 

Water heaters generally last 8-15 years, Furnaces and A/C units last about 15-25 years. It’s important to keep this in mind, but to also recognize that these mechanicals can last much longer than this if they are well maintained.


Now it’s time to head outside. Take a look at the exterior of the home. 

Are there any missing pieces of siding? Is the siding going to be easy to maintain like a vinyl siding, or could it require more upkeep like a wood siding?

 Now take a look up at the roof. Does the roof look new or old to you? Are there any areas of the roof with lifted shingles or extensive staining? Are there any tree limbs hanging over the roof?

 Now look at the gutter system. Are the gutters clean of debris? Are the downspouts far away from the foundation of the home?

Yard Space

Another important aspect to many home buyers is the yard. How big is the yard? Will the yard be easy to mow? Are there any mature trees on the property? Is the landscaping in good condition? Can you picture yourself benefitting from the yard space? 

Home Location and Area

Last but certainly not least on things to look at is the home’s location. Do you like the neighborhood? 

Are you near things like an airport, railroad, sewage plant, etc.? If you have school-aged kids, it may be important to know how far you are from the schools.

 How far are you from work? It’s a good idea to take a walk or a drive around the neighborhood either before or after your showing. 

Keep in mind, you can change anything about your home EXCEPT its location!

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