Is Madison Wisconsin the BEST city in North America?

Madison, Wisconsin consistently ranks in the top places to live in the United States…. but why?!? Well, let me tell you.

Madison, Wisconsin is a great place – whether you are a young professional, raising a family, or looking to retire, Madison offers a little something for everyone. But how does this midwestern city consistently rank near the top of the charts? Let’s dive into some of my favorite things about Madison, and what makes this place unique.

Being Active is Easy in madison

Madison has an amazing bike scene – like seriously. Madison has more bikes than cars. Madison is dubbed the “unofficial, official Bike Capital of the Midwest.” Rain, snow, or sunshine, you’ll always see people out biking. If biking isn’t your thing, take a walk or run on the numerous trails in and around the city, or grab a kayak and get a workout in on Lake Mendota. 


Madison is GORGEOUS with a capital "G."

Does it get cold in Madison? Yes, of course, it is still in the Midwest after all. However, Madison is so picturesque all year round. Whether you watch the snow fall over the state capitol building while sipping on cocktails at Eno Vino, or are laying out in the summer sun taking in the sunset over Lake Mendota, Madison is straight up gorgeous.


Home of the country's largest farmer's market

Wisconsin is a state deeply rooted in agriculture, so it only makes sense for Madison to have the country’s largest producers-only farmer’s market. The Dane County Farmer’s Market is held in Madison weekly from April through November. It is a great way to get out in the community, meet new people, and support local farmers and small businesses. 

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Great School Choices

Madison and the surrounding area have some of the best schools in the entire state. Not only is Madison home to the top tier University of Wisconsin-Madison, but Middleton and Waunakee High Schools consistently rank high, and Wisconsin overall has a great public school ranking nationwide.

Madison East High School

Low Crime

As a Real Estate Professional, I don’t comment on specific crime statistics, but as a Madison resident, I have never once felt unsafe, nor seen a crime happen. Madison has a “big, small town” feel, where the majority of people are willing to lend a helping hand.

Average Home Prices

124 cardinal ln

Although Madison is one of the more expensive places to live in the state, when you look at Madison home prices from a national level, they sit around the national average. Overall, housing in Madison Wisconsin remains at an affordable level for many families, especially for those moving from out of state. This home, located 40 minutes east of Madison, sold for $330,000 in the fall of 2022.

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