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If you like views of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building, then you need to check out Monona, Wisconsin. Sitting on the East Side of Lake Monona, Monona offers some stunning lake views, great walking trails and parks, and is just steps away from downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Monona, Wisconsin is a small city of just over 8,000 people on the East Side of Madison. This small town has no shortage of festivals, family events, and local businesses to experience. 




Monona, Wisconsin is a small city located on the eastern banks of Lake Monona, and is in close proximity to Madison, Wisconsin

Places of Interest

Monona, Wisconsin has plenty of things to do, and is located in a great area for avid bikers, walkers, and active people.

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Monona Grove High School


Monona, Wisconsin is apart of the Monona Grove School District and currently consists of 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.

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