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If you are looking for a great community just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, then look no further than Waunakee, Wisconsin. This village of about 15,000 people has seen a population surge in recent years.

Waunakee has a charming downtown, great neighborhoods, and is not far from downtown 
Madison. Waunakee is also the only place in the entire world with the title of “Waunakee.” The schools have a great history of athletic, academic, and extracurricular success. If you are thinking of moving to the Madison area, you have to check out the village of Waunakee!


Waunakee, Wisconsin (pronounced Wanna-key) is located slightly northwest of Madison, Wisconsin.

Places of Interest

Waunakee has some great restaurants and state of the art athletic facilities.

Waunakee Football Stadium
Waunakee High School


Currently, Waunakee, Wisconsin consists of 3 elementary schools, an intermediate school, a middle school, and a high school.

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